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13 November 2014 UAE Update
Envirogrower and its UAE joint venture partner, Advanced Science and Innovation Company (ASIC), has released an aerial... read more..
26 March 2013 Envirogrower Delivering Large UAE Irrigation Project
  Envirogrower has formed an alliance with Advanced Science and Innovation Company (ASIC) a conglomerate member of... read more..
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Welcome to the Future of Irrigation

Envirogrower Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has pioneered a range of revolutionary irrigation technologies that deliver dramatic reductions in water use and significant ecological benefits. Envirogrower is fast establishing itself as a leader in low water use irrigation applied via sub-surface slow release systems. Envirogrower’s various technologies allow for the growing of plants for landscaping or food crops with dramatically less water, while potentially improving growth and output. This has massive repercussions for regions that have water scarcity issues around the world, and areas that are seeking to boost agricultural production and promote food sustainability.

As water scarcity increases and water restrictions tighten with the climate generally becoming drier, Envirogrower is destined to become the irrigation provider of choice to horticulture. 

This is due to the benefits of continuous plant hydration and fantastic growth all year round, coupled with dramatic water savings.

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WATERGROWER completely replaces the need to apply liquid water to plants. WATERGROWER makes irrigation sustainable in any climate and offers a genuine solution to water scarcity. 




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Moistube is a sub-surface, low water use irrigation product consisting of tubes available in standard lengths of 10m, 20m and 40m. These tubes form a network that is connected using standard irrigation polyethylene hose and fittings to a low pressure water supply such as a tank or mains (with a pressure reduction valve).

Utilising nanotechnology to deliver extreme water savings, Moistube comprises a semi-permeable membrane encased in a tough outer non-woven fabric that supplies continuous moisture directly to a plant’s feeding roots.





Utilising the same nanotechnology as Moistube, Micro Reservoir is a 3-litre bag, designed to irrigate large shrubs and trees.

Micro Reservoir works with or without a continuous water supply (system is refilled approximately every 15 days if intermittently filled).

A major element of Micro Reservoir and Moistube is their semi-permeable membrane (approximately 100,000 holes per square centimetre) which allows water movement out to 0.5 metres from the source to create a continuous wet zone below the surface at the root level.