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13 November 2014 UAE Update
Envirogrower and its UAE joint venture partner, Advanced Science and Innovation Company (ASIC), has released an aerial... read more..
26 March 2013 Envirogrower Delivering Large UAE Irrigation Project
  Envirogrower has formed an alliance with Advanced Science and Innovation Company (ASIC) a conglomerate member of... read more..
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A standalone solution for the sustaining of plants in a healthy condition by providing sufficient moisture through slow release sub-surface irrigation without the need for a water supply or irrigation network.

WATERGROWER is 97% purified water and 3% cellulose fibre based compound. It remains in a gel form at temperatures from -6° up to 100° degrees Celsius. Water is released directly to roots, by reaction with naturally occurring soil microbes.

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  • 97% purified water and 3% cellulose fibre based compound

  • Watergrower remains in a gel form at temperatures from -6° up to 100° degrees Celsius

  • Naturally occurring microbes in the soil react with the gel slowly releases water for up to 90 days in a non-flow mechanism, regardless of the surrounding environment

  • Watergrower provides dramatic ecological benefits:

    • in normal conditions, 1 litre of WATERGROWER provides the equivalent amount of irrigation as 250 litres of water over 3 months in most planting situations.

    • Bio-degradable wrapper

    • Non toxic

  • Water release is in direct proportion to the Watergrower contact surface area with micro-organic elements, which normally occur within the soil (subject to soil type and soil conditions)

  • Sunlight and temperature within the range of -30° and 100° Celsius does not affect the Watergrower moisture release mechanism

  • Reduces water consumption considerably

  • Reduces soil erosion and balances pH level

  • Reduces cost of handling materials, logistics and labour costs of conventional irrigation

  • Ensures a high plant survival rate

  • Uses 100% recyclable materials

  • It does not release any harmful bi-products like other ‘water conserver’ or ‘slow dry crystals’

  • Does not absorb water



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